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At times, navigating the waters of life can become complicated by turbulent experiences.  Turbulence can be brought through life experiences such as, divorce, job loss, death of a love one, college life, adolescents, early adulthood, older adulthood, midlife crisis, early exposure to psychological stressors, Depression and Anxiety.  Turbulence can cause an emotional imbalance that impacts functioning in relationships, work, church, school and social settings.  Emotional imbalances can become a distraction that causes Spiritual deafness.  Spiritual deafness can cause feelings of isolation.  It is the connection to Spirit that restores balance and a sense of community.  Spiritual connectedness involves being able to hear from and follow your Spirit.  It is the Spirit that can guide and comfort you as you navigate deep waters.

Individual couples and family therapies can serve as an avenue for restoring life balance.  We offer individual, family and couple therapy services with an emphasis of journeying with people as they reconnect to their Spiritual self.  Along this journey we bring to the table curative aids (behavior therapies, psychotherapies, wisdoms and support services) and the Spirit provides the healing and direction.  Curative aids provide tools for quieting the mind and soothing the body, creating comfortable tension between Mind, Body and Spirit.

Individual therapy is 50min-1hr. in length, weekly is standard.  Individuals seek services for various reasons i.e. works place stress, family stress, depression and anxiety.  We service adults, children and adolescents.

Family therapy is offered in conjunction with individual therapy for children and adolescents.   Family therapy is required for Children and adolescents who are receiving individual therapy services.  Family sessions are 45min – 1hr. in length, weekly is standard.     Families seek services for various reasons i.e. behavior issues in the home or school setting, childhood depression and/or anxiety, grade challenges, sibling conflict and parent/child conflict.

Couples seek therapy for pre-marital counseling, to improve communication, when contemplating divorce, infidelity, domestic violence, divorced parents seeking support with parenting in separate households, blended families etc.  Couples can expect the following: 1) an initial couple’s session, 2) an individual assessment (standard 2-3 sessions) and 3) couples session for recommendations. Recommendations are based on the individual assessment and couple observations.  Recommendations could include ongoing couple’s therapy and/or individual therapy.