mind body spirit



For Churches:

  • Improve the overall physical wellbeing of your congregation
  • Improve the overall financial health of your congregation
  • Improve employment and job retention rates for your congregation
  • Enhanced member productivity
  • Reduced member absenteeism
  • Decreased rates of illness and injuries
  • Enhanced churches image to the community
  • Improved member morale
  • Improve relationship functioning amongst members; reduce conflict
  • Improved member recruitment and retention
  • Foster a sense of organizational commitment and loyalty
  • Creation of a culture of health
  • Decrease spiritual leadership stress

For Members:

  • Improved physical wellbeing
  • Improved financial statuses
  • Lower healthcare spending
  • Improved employment and job retention rates
  • Improved academic performance
  • Improvement in family functioning
  • Improvement in marital relations
  • Increased well-being, self-image, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Improved coping skills with stress or other factors affecting health
  • Increased access to health promotion resources and social support
  • Inspiration to set and achieve higher life goals
  • Safer and more supportive church environment